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...impression if printed in the magazine." After considerable argument Gruin was allowed to take two shots, carefully outlined before snapping. Then, for a firsthand view of the area where Chinese and Mongolian troops had been having a border fracas, they trucked across the gravel wasteland north of Tihua to Peitashan, a mountain oasis. Of this journey, Gruin wrote...

Author: /time Magazine | Title: A Letter From The Publisher, Oct. 20, 1947 | 10/20/1947 | See Source »

...Peita-shan range two days' drive from Sin-kiang's dingy little capital, Tihua. Last June, Outer Mongolian cavalrymen, backed by five Russian planes, demanded that the Chinese surrender the position. The Chinese held on despite some bombing attacks. They are still there, holding the Peitashan heights. Through field glasses, the Chinese can watch Mongolian patrols on the north side of the range...

Author: /time Magazine | Title: CHINA: Encirclement | 10/6/1947 | See Source »

...Achmadjahm has not answered. Sinkiang's Governor General Masud Sabri has posted red-lettered public warnings in Tihua streets: "None may plot murder against officials, carry illegal weapons, secretly trail or torture others, incite mobs to violence." Trigger-ready militiamen patrol oasis towns. Upon Peitashan's snowy heights the Outer Mongolians are reported to be receiving reinforcements and probing the Chinese lines...

Author: /time Magazine | Title: CHINA: Encirclement | 10/6/1947 | See Source »

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