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Dates: during 1926-1926
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...Spokane, Professor Olaf Opsjon challenged archaeological skeptics to come and see for themselves the runes on a mossy boulder interpreted by him as recounting a battle between Indians and Norsemen fought in 1010 A. D. (TIME, July 19). Open-minded persons recalled a runestone unearthed 30 years ago near Kensington, Minn., which most experts view as the work of eight Goths (Swedes) and 22 Norsemen in the 14th Century...

Author: /time Magazine | Title: Science: Diggers | 10/11/1926 | See Source »

...Washington, Professor Olaf Opsjon of Spokane probed and puzzled over ideographs found hidden beneath moss and lichen on a lava boulder near a burial mound. Other archaeologists awaited Professor Opsjon's reasons for believing that the runes were the work of a band of Norsemen in 1010 A. D., including 24 men, 7 women and a baby, who recorded their defeat by Indians during a Norse exploration hitherto unsuspected by latterday historians...

Author: /time Magazine | Title: Science: Diggers | 7/19/1926 | See Source »

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